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floor: the ground, the bottom surface

(the 13th) floor: (the 13th) level of a building
Note: the floor can also refer to the members of an assembly or parliament

Would the members of the floor please stand up? Would all the members assembled here please stand up?

Pronunciation examples
UK: The cosmetics department is located on the fifth floor.
US: I just spilled orange juice on the floor.


  • "Tinkerbell falls to the floor"
  • "Speaking of which, I never liked the lab on the second floor - I want to move it to the basement."
  • "Floor 16!"
  • "If anyone has any ideas of what to build on the second floor to replace the laboratory, your suggestions are welcome!"
  • "Imma leave it all on the floor tonight."
  • "Local Perfumer Found Dead on Laboratory Floor"
  • "Floor 6!"
  • "I understand that you've turned one part of this floor into a furniture shop."
  • "Please carry on as you were, and let's all pretend that there isn't a large, smoldering crater on the second floor of our building."

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