Get together

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to get together: to meet, to see each other, to unite; to begin to date someone or go out with someone
It would be nice if we could get together one of these weekends and have a drink. Are you free to meet on Saturday?
Jennifer and I got together 3 years ago. Jennifer and I began dating 3 years ago.

a get-together: a gathering, an informal meeting, an event, a party
I'm going to have a get-together at my house this Sunday so that we can catch up a little. We're all going to meet at 2pm and eat pizza.


  • "For the most part, these little get-togethers run pretty smoothly."
  • "Why don't we get together today, or let's say we discuss the project next week?"
  • "So if you're still willing, I'd like to get together over lunch, or maybe even brunch, so that we can sort out this trouble with your loans once and for all."
  • "I know that it used to disturb you when we first got together, but now that I've stopped taking pictures, you've become accustomed to it."
  • "We need to get together to talk about my salary."
  • "We'll discuss this when we get together on Thursday."
  • "It's been a while since we've gotten together and talked face to face."
  • "Why don't you drop me an e-mail so we can get together sometime?"
  • "Donna : It's really nice that we're having this little Christmas get together at the office, isn't it Brian?"

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