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a lack (of): a shortage, not enough, a scarcity, a deficiency (of)

to lack: to be without, not to have, to have a shortage of
The story is not finished. It lacks an ending.
for lack of due to a shortage of, because of not having enough of


  • "Brian : No, it was fine sir, it's just that it lacks a bit of pizzaz, oomph, flavour, zippidy doo dah zippidy day."
  • "The lack of content in your message is one thing - I spend half my day reading e-mails which say nothing."
  • "People who chronically lack sleep are also more likely to become depressed."
  • "I also hope that the auditor won't inspect our records (or lack of them)."
  • "I've slipped a little box of chocolates under your door to apologise for the lack of wine."
  • "Lack of sleep leads to irritability, poor behavior and trouble with relationships, especially among children and teens."
  • "What you lack is a cool head, and a little patience."
  • "lack of sleep leads to bad health."
  • "A lack of leisure facilities has been suggested as being one of the main causes."

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