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a move: a change, a decision; a movement, an alteration of position
The move to stop dogs entering the restaurant was a good one, things are better since this decision.

to move: to relocate, to place, to change the site of, not to be immobile

to move (to a new house): to relocate, to go to live (in a new house)
Pronunciation examples
UK: Delavigne's move to go public turned out to be a very wise decision.
US: Hey, check out my moves on the dance floor.


  • "He never moves."
  • "Don't you dare move those hands!"
  • "Don't even think about moving Edward, or I'll blow your pale arse back to England."
  • "Horatio : It's a moving talking picture monster machine."
  • "They move fast now, don't they?"
  • "San Francisco - In a move that is barely newsworthy, Industrial Fruit Concern Inc. (NASDAQ: IFC) has made a multi-billion dollar offer to acquire a local juice boutique."
  • "Speaking of which, I never liked the lab on the second floor - I want to move it to the basement."
  • "All my dolphin friends are moving to land."
  • "Brian : Why can't I move my arms and legs?"
  • "What is our next move?"

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