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to recruit (staff): to hire, to contract, to take on (staff)
We're recruiting for the Christmas holidays, we always need a lot more staff in December.

a recruit: a new member of an organization
The company is looking for 400 new recruits to join the existing staff of 200 in the new call center.

a recruiter: a person in charge of hiring new staff


  • "In addition, I was in charge of hiring new acrobats, and recruiting clowns."
  • "I am very confident that our new recruits will be fully operational within a few months."
  • "No recruiters please."
  • "Conducts most preliminary interviews with new recruits."
  • "Icarus : We're lucky to have a number of new recruits in our team. We have a gang of snails who handle our outgoing payments."
  • "Philip : I recruit, interview, select and train the sales staff according to Delavigne Company policy."
  • "Subject: New Recruit"
  • "My responsibilities included training new recruits, as well as manning the phones and having direct customer contact."
  • "Incidentally, food manufacturers and major supermarkets are currently recruiting models for both the obese and slim photographs."

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