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to turn (over): to spin, to rotate, to revolve, to go round, to circle

a (90-degree) turn: a (quarter, 1/4, of a full) rotation, a change of direction (to the left or to the right)


  • "Edward : Ok, a 90 degree-turn."
  • "Royal Rehab® is the world's most unique rehabilitation center, with over 5000 years of experience turning kingly cruelties into tiny transgressions!"
  • "The teacher of the class has been hailed as a hero for bringing the incident to a swift end by saying, "Ok class, that's enough excitement for today, turn to page 54 of your textbooks: Trigonometry"."
  • "Edward : Yeah, turn over!"
  • "I want you to make a series of 90-degree turns so that I can identify you on radar."
  • "He ate your legs and the sea turned dark"
  • "Now, I'm gonna turn over."
  • "Now turn your head and cough."
  • "Then we turned and shook as we had a look in the room where the dead men lay."
  • "For more information on this Scandinavian powerhouse, we turn to Swedish correspondent Bjorn Larsson."

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