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without (your help): not with, not having (your help)
I cannot go without eating first. I have to eat before I go out.


  • "The only difference is that you will be doing so without me."
  • "Bruno : Brian, it's not good business to give vouchers to people without a legitimate complaint."
  • "I can't stand martinis without olives."
  • "Brian : Well, without a receipt, I am afraid you're not going to get a cash refund."
  • "I feel a wreck without my little China girl."
  • "- a country without violence!"
  • "to talk until you're blue in the face - to talk for a very long time without people listening to your arguments"
  • "This is the third letter we have written without response."
  • "In just 5 30-minute sessions with our automated consultants, we'll transform you from oppressive overlord into a benevolent boss without ever leaving your throne room!"
  • "Edward : Wow Philip, you've got one of those new cellphones without a keypad – the ones where you touch the screen with your fingers!"

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