Dangerous liaisons

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Dangerous liaisons

French requires liaison when two words are pronounced without a pause between the two and when the second word starts with a vowel or a silent h.
vous achetez (you buy), elle les aime (she loves them), vous en avez (you have some) (pronoun + verb; pronoun + pronoun)
un homme (a man), les anciens étudiants (the former students) (article + noun; article + adjective, adjective + noun)
trop important (too important), bien assez tôt (soon enough) (adverb + adjective or adverb + adverb)
Vient-elle ? (Is she coming?) (verb + subject when subject is inverted)
Liaison is not allowed when there is a pause between the words.
Jules et Isabelle (after et)
Mes chats ont tout mangé (my cats ate everything), Bertrand est parti (Bertrand has left) (noun + verb)
Ont-ils aimé le film ? (Did they like the film?) (pronoun + verb when the subject is inverted)
les haricots verts (green beans) (in front of a voiced or aspirated h)
For the other cases, you can use liaison or not, it’s up to you. (You can pronounce the words without a pause or with a pause).
Je suis étudiant or (I’m a student) (verb + complement)
des prix élevés or (high prices) (noun + adjective)
•  If there is a choice to use liaison or not, the style becomes more formal when liaison is made.
•  The pronunciation of certain letters changes when the liaison is made:
d becomes t un grand enfant (pronounced un [grantenfant]) (a big child)
f becomes v neuf heures (pronounced [neuveheure]) nine o’clock
s and x become z de beaux yeux (pronounced de [beauzyeux]) (beautiful eyes)
ein, ain become eine, aine un lointain ami (pronounced un [lointaine ami]) (a distant friend)

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