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Le pluriel

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Le pluriel

In general, to form the plural we add an -s to the singular form. This applies to nouns and adjectives, in both their masculine and feminine forms.

une fête a party
des fêtes
mon amie extraterrestre my alien friend
mes amies extraterrestres
un bar parisien a Parisian bar
des bars parisiens
Some words take an –x in the plural:

un beau château a beautiful castle
des beaux châteaux
un cheval a horse
des chevaux
un caillou a pebble
des cailloux
And here are some irregular plural forms:

un œil an eye
des yeux
Note: If the singular form of a noun or adjective ends in the letters s, x or z, then the plural form is identical.
un prix précis
des prix précis (a specific price)
le pays fabuleux
les pays fabuleux (the amazing country)

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