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Les articles définis

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Les articles définis

The four types of definite articles le, la, l’, les (=‘the’) depend on the gender, number or first letter of the noun that follows.

le garçon, le vélo the boy, the bicycle

la voiture the car

in front of a vowel
or silent h
le homme l’homme the man
la étoile l’étoile the star

les enfants, les chaises the children, the chairs
Definite articles are used in French to indicate specific nouns.
La voiture de Victor, le garçon derrière toi, les amis de Muriel, etc. Victor’s car (literally ‘the car of Victor’), the boy behind you, Muriel’s friends (literally ‘the friends of Muriel’).
These articles can also express general habits or tastes.
Le matin, je me lève à 8 heures. In the morning, I get up at 8am.

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