Pronominal verbs

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Pronominal verbs

Pronominal verbs are formed with the reflexive pronoun se.
Se lever, se laver, se tromper, etc.
The se pronoun changes according to the subject and is placed before the verb.
je me lave (les cheveux)
nous nous lavons
tu te laves
vous vous lavez
il / elle / on se lave
ils / elles se lavent
Note :
•  Pronominal verbs are often used for daily activities, and describe actions ‘done’ to the self:
Charles se lève à 7 heures, il se douche et se brosse les dents. Charles gets up at 7am, he showers and brushes his teeth.
•  In the negative form, the reflexive pronoun stays in front of the verb.
Je ne me lave pas souvent. I don’t wash often.
Tu ne te trompes jamais. You are never wrong.

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