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Prononciation : les sons « ou » et « eu »

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Prononciation : Les sons « ou » et « eu »

The ou and eu sounds are very similar. Listen and repeat if you feel up to it.
Tous mes vœux ! Best wishes!
•  The pronunciation of the letters OU (or the IPA pronunciation symbol [u]).
ouvrir la bouche to open the mouth
vas-tu ? where are you going?
doux gentle, soft, kind
cter to cost
août August

•  The pronunciation of the letters EU (or the IPA pronunciation symbol [ø]).
un petit peu a little bit
deux two
un nœud a knot

•  The past participle of avoir
eu is pronounced like the letter u (or [y] phonetically).
J’ai eu I’ve had
•  For purists, there are two eu sounds, one of which is closed (for terms like pneu or deux) and an open eu sound which we hear in terms such as:
le meurtre the murder
un œuf an egg
avoir peur to be scared

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