Si + followed by the past perfect

Reminder: Si (if) clauses express a hypothetical or conditional situation.
Si tu ne rentres pas à l'heure, j'appelle la police (si + present → indicative mode) If you don't get back on time, I will call the police.
Si tu ne rentrais pas à l'heure, j'appellerais la police (si + imperfect → conditional mode) If you didn't get back on time, I would call the police.
The French third conditional ('si + past perfectpast conditional mode') expresses hypothetical past actions: the consequences of a past action which never happened.

Si j'étais parti à l'heure, je n’aurais pas raté mon train. (sous-entendu : Je suis parti en retard et j’ai raté mon train.) If I had left on time, I wouldn't have missed my train (in other words: Je suis parti en retard et j’ai raté mon train. I left late and I missed my train.)

S'il avait fait beau, je serais sorti. (sous-entendu : il n'a pas fait beau et je ne suis pas sorti.) If it had been sunny, I would have gone out (in other words: il n'a pas fait beau et je ne suis pas sorti. It wasn't sunny and I didn't go out.)

In addition to this, we use 'si + past perfect → (present) conditional mode' to express present consequences of a hypothetical past action.
S’il n’avait pas plu, je n’aurais pas les cheveux mouillés If it hadn't rained, I wouldn't have wet hair (in other words: Il a plu et maintenant j’ai les cheveux mouillés It rained and now I have wet hair).

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