The gerund

The gérondif (the gerund) is formed with en + the present participle. It is used is to stress that two actions are simultaneous. It has the same subject as the main verb.
Victor parle en dormant. Victor speaks while sleeping.
J’ai bu un café en t’attendant. I drank a coffee while waiting for you.
We form the gerund by using the nous stem of the verb in the present tense and adding -ant. This is preceded by the preposition en.
chanter → nous chantons → en chantant to sing → we sing → while singing
finir → nous finissons → en finissant to finish → we finish → while finishing
voir → nous voyons → en voyant to see → we see → while seeing
prendre → nous prenons → en prenant to take → we take → while taking
boire → nous buvons → en buvant to drink → we drink → while drinking
Note: There are three verbs which have irregular present participles: savoir → en sachant, être → en étant, avoir → en ayant
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