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Your daily French lesson

Every morning, your lesson arrives in your e-mail inbox.

Each lesson contains a selection of exercises, videos, texts, dialogues, conjugation tests, and mini-lessons in French.

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Personalized French content

Our artificial intelligence engine builds lessons based on your needs, your requests, and your level.

You will discover professional scenarios, a wide variety of accents, and exercises and plenty of humor.

15 to 20 minutes are all it takes to learn French effortlessly!

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Francophone Culture

Every day, you'll hear a citation with different accents, film clips, songs and more to help you explore the richness of French culture around the world.

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A personalized correction

After clicking the 'Envoyer' button, you will receive a correction e-mail with your daily score, explanations of your answers, the scripts of the dialogues or videos, the vocabulary you have requested and more.

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Adaptive learning

The course automatically adapts to your objectives, needs, and learning speed.

The artificial intelligence engine builds each lesson dynamically to focus on points of difficulty, as well as topics you've requested, to ensure you've committed what you've learned to your long-term memory.

Your French improves effortlessly, daily!

Personalization of lessons by theme

All Frantastique content is incorporated into a teaching process that aims to improve the learner’s oral and written comprehension, enrich their vocabulary and familiarize them with current expressions and phrases in various sectors.

Priorities: Oral comprehension, written comprehension, culture and business
Everyday life: Conversation and discussions, written correspondence, expressions and proverbs, press and media, science, technology, slang, insults, street language, etc.
Accents: French accent (France), accents from the South of France, Quebec, Belgium, Switzerland, non-French speaking countries.
Culture & Arts (PREMIUM and Gold offers only): Literature, music, cinema, theatre, comics, fine arts, history, etc.
Business (PREMIUM and Gold offers only) : Medicine, banking and negotiation, tourism, human resources, economy and finance, information technology, law and justice, business exchanges, presentations and speeches