English lessons for any level

Gymglish English lessons are designed for adults of all levels (except beginners). Our intelligent software adapts to the level, expectations and weaknesses of each user.

English lessons & Level

Gymglish level CEFR equivalent
Level 0 Beginner A1
Level 1 Elementary(with tutor) A2
Level 2 Intermediate B1
Level 3 Basic command of English B2
Level 4 Superior command of English C1
Level 5 Professional mastery of English C2

Gymglish is ideal for students of levels 2, 3, 4 and 5, and even for level 1 learners if assisted by a tutor or professor. The scale used by Gymglish is commonly employed in the professional education sector. The free evaluation version of Gymglish, serves as a placement test, and determines your initial level and starting point for future lessons.

Progressive and continuous evaluation

  1. Getting started: No preliminary steps necessary. / Start quickly, the story begins in your very first e-mail.
  2. The initial evaluation takes place over the course of the first e-mails. After the 10th lesson is completed, we are able to determine the user's initial level.
  3. From this point on, the evaluation process continues daily, taking into account the difficulty of questions, the results of all exercises and revisions, your participation rate, etc...