English Lessons - Beginners and Children

Online English lessons from Gymglish are not designed for absolute beginners or for children. Although the content adapts to each student's level, most of the content is still in English, in order to create an 'immersion' environment.

For beginners and for children, we suggest English lessons for beginners with the Rich Morning Show!

The Rich Morning Show is a series of cartoon English lessons, sent by e-mail, and accompanied by questions, mini-lessons, revision, and corrections. These lessons are currently only available for French, German, and Spanish-speakers.

Rich Morning is the star of the show. Rich lives in Los Angeles, where he records his morning tv show every day.

Rich presents a tv show in the style of American talk shows: guest stars, games, songs, recipes, and much more! Pavel the seal, Rich's assistant, Octavia the octopus, the show's cookery expert, and also lamas rockers, a kangaroo scientist, a whale who sings reggae, and lots of other guests.