Upper intermediate English lessons

Levels 3 and 4 (Upper Intermediate level)

A person with a high standard of English who can communicate fluently. They have a good grasp of complex texts, and can express themselves and elaborate in a clear manner and formulate an opinion about most subjects.

Upper intermediate English lessons

Getting started:

• No preliminary steps necessary.

• Start quickly, the story begins in your very first e-mail.

The initial evaluation takes place over the course of the first 10 e-mails. After the 10th lesson is completed, we are able to determine the user's initial level.

From this point on, the evaluation process continues daily, taking into account the difficulty of questions, the results of all exercises and revisions, your participation rate, etc...

Your training starts easily and quickly, by reading the first e-mail. Gymglish invites you into the world of the Delavigne saga from day one.

No need to take an initial test, the content of your lessons is personalized on a day-to-day basis, according to your answers, gradually adapting to your level and needs.