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Assess your group's level, evaluate their needs and provide certified training, generate extra revenue, etc. Provide your students with a complement to their current language training with our blended-learning offer.

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Level assessment & Certifications

Our free test includes a level assessment and a Pedagogical Assessment (a personalized pedagogical report). Upon finishing your training, Gymglish provides a certificate of completion (Gymglish Certificate) including detailed statistics on progress and participation rate.

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HR Supervision Tools

The dedicated HR supervision space allows training managers to monitor the progress of their students, as well manage accounts and subscriptions. It includes a dashboard showing the level, progress, participation rate for individuals and the group, etc.

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Blended learning

Gymglish & Teacher is an option for teachers to complement their existing classes (one on one, group, telephone, etc) with Gymglish's pedagogy and lessons. This 'Blended Learning' approach consolidates and records student errors, requests and points of difficulty, and lists them in a synthesized report for the professor before every course.


Extra revenue

Being a Gymglish partner is completely free of charge, and you’ll receive a commission on all Gymglish sales you generate. By offering fun, personalized lessons, you’ll acquire new customers and create consistent, long-term revenue through recurrent subscriptions.


Ready-made tools

We’ll provide all the tools you’ll need to offer Gymglish to your contacts. You’ll have access to our marketing kit with banners, web pages, sign-up forms, templates and funny, original content. You’ll also have a dedicated space where you can set up campaigns, monitor your contacts' progress and track sales you’ve made.



We display your logo on all of our interfaces (lessons, corrections, backoffice, etc). Post your course offerings on, a platform reserved for trusted Gymglish partners.

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