¿A menos or al menos ?

A menos goes before que + a verb in the subjunctive and can be replaced by the expression a no ser que (unless). 

Llegaremos tarde al cine, a menos que/a no ser que tomemos un taxi.

We'll arrive late at the cinema, unless we/if we don't take a taxi

Al menos is used for:

  • Introducing a qualification of what has just been said, often as an equivalent of en todo caso (at any rate).

Nadie ha felicitado a Nacho, al menos/en todo caso por el momento.

No-one has congratulated Nacho – at least/at any rate as things stand.

  • Substituting the expression como mínimo (at least).

He corrido al menos/como mínimo cinco kilómetros.

I've run at least five kilometers. 

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