A mí me gusta el fútbol (I like soccer): a + prepositional pronoun

Reminder: the verbs apetecer (to feel like, to fancy), interesar (to interest), importar (to matter), doler (to hurt), molestar (to annoy, to bother), caer bien/mal (to like/dislike), divertir (to entertain, to amuse), aburrir (to bore), fascinar (to fascinate), impresionar (to impress), asustar (to frighten, to scare), etc. follow the same structure as gustar (to like): 
Indirect object pronoun + conjugated verb + noun/infinitive.

Me gusta el queso manchego.

I like Manchego cheese.

To add emphasis, we use a + prepositional pronoun/person's name before the indirect object pronoun.

A Betty le encanta jugar al bingo.

Betty loves to play bingo.

A ella le duele la cabeza.

She has a headache, Her head hurts.

Both the prepositional pronoun and the name match the indirect object.

A me gusta el café.

I like coffee.

A Carolina le aburre el teatro. 

Carolina finds theater boring, Theater bores Carolina.

After the preposition a, the pronoun yo changes to , and to ti.

A mí me gusta la comida de este restaurante ¿y a ti?

I like the food in this restaurant – do you?

Note: we can never put a before a subject (the person performing the action) – in other words, we can't use it with verbs that don't follow this structure.

Rodrigo canta.

Rodrigo sings.

A Rodrigo le gusta cantar.

Rodrigo likes to sing.

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