Conozcan (know), agradezcan (thank), conduzcan (drive) … some irregular verbs in the imperative

In the imperative, many verbs ending in -acer, -ecer, -ocer and -ucir are irregular with the pronouns usted (singular formal “you”), nosotros/as (we, us) and ustedes (plural formal “you”), adding zc- before the usual endings for those conjugations.

Agradecer → Agradezca

To thank Thank

Reconocer → Reconozcamos

To recognize Recognize

Conducir → Conduzcan

To drive Drive

These are the conjugations:

Agradecer en
(tú) agradece
(usted) agradezca
(nosotros/as) agradezcamos
(vosotros/as) agradeced
(ustedes) agradezcan
(tú) reconoce
(usted) reconozca
(nosotros/as) reconozcamos
(vosotros/as) reconoced
(ustedes) reconozcan
Conducir en
(tú) conduce
(usted) conduzca
(nosotros/as) conduzcamos
(vosotros/as) conducid
(ustedes) conduzcan

Other verbs that follow this pattern are complacer (to please), crecer (to grow), ofrecer (to offer), establecer (to establish), merecer (to deserve), introducir (to introduce) and traducir (to translate).

Traduzcan este documento para mañana traducir, imperativo presente.

Translate this document for tomorrow.

Ofrezcamos un descuento a los clientes ofrecer, imperativo presente.

Let's offer a discount to customers.

Introduzca la contraseña introducir, imperativo presente.

Enter the password.

Note: the verb hacer (to do, to make) is completely irregular and does not follow this conjugation pattern.

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