Conjunctions y /e (and)

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Conjunctions y /e (and)

We use y (and) to join multiple parts of a sentence, words or ideas:

Me acabo el caf茅 y salgo a la calle.

I'll finish my coffee and leave.

Teo es simp谩tico y extrovertido.

Teo is friendly and outgoing.

Carolina y Magda trabajan en el Hotel Borboll贸n.

Carolina and Magda work at the Hotel Borboll贸n.

When there are more than two words, the y goes before the last word:

He comprado patatas, huevos, aceite y vino.

I bought potatoes, eggs, oil and wine.

The y changes to e when the next word begins with  -i or -hi:

Mi gato es guapo e inteligente.

Ellos son padre e hijo.

My cat is beautiful and smart.

They are father and son.

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