Forming irregular gerunds: morir, dormir, poder

Reminder: regular gerundio forms of verbs (equivalent to “-ing” in English) are formed by adding -ando or -iendo, depending on the infinitive.

Estoy cantando una milonga (cantar → cantando)

I'm singing a milonga (cantar [to sing] → cantando [singing])

Salió corriendo de la casa (correr → corriendo)

He left the house running (correr [to run] → corriendo [running])

To form a gerund with the verbs morir (to die), dormir (to sleep) and poder (can, to be able to), we change the letter -o for -u:

  • morir → muriendo (to die → dying)

Oí que Betty se estaba muriendo.

I heard that Betty was dying.

  • dormir → durmiendo (to sleep → sleeping)

Magda está durmiendo en la piscina.

Magda is sleeping in the pool.

  • poder → pudiendo (to be able to → being able to)

No pudiendo dormir, miré una película.

Not being able to sleep, I watched a movie.

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