Imperative with direct and indirect object pronouns

Reminder: The imperative is used to give orders, instructions, advice and direct requests.

Ven a la oficina. venir, imperativo presente

Come to the office. 

No vengas a la oficina. venir, imperativo negativo

Don't come to the office.

When the imperative goes with direct or indirect object pronouns, they are placed as follows:

  • Affirmative imperatives: the pronoun goes after the verb, forming a single word.

Trae tu plato a la mesa → Tráelo a la mesa.

Bring your plate to the table Bring it to the table.

Presta 50 € a Nacho → Préstale 50 €.

Lend €50  to Nacho → Lend him €50.

  • Negative imperatives: the pronoun goes before the verb.

No reserves la habitación → No la reserves.

Don't reserve the room Don't reserve it.

No eches más azúcar a la sangría → No le eches más azúcar.

Don't put more sugar in the sangria Don't put any more sugar in it.

  • When we use both types of pronoun, the indirect object one goes first and then the direct object one.

Dame el bolso (CD) a mí (CI) → Dámelo.

Give the bag (DO) to me (IO) Give me it.

No me des el bolso a mí → No me lo des.

Don't give the bag to me Don't give me it.


  • The indirect object pronoun le changes to se when it goes before the direct object pronouns lo, la, los, las.

Compra un bañador (CD) al doctor Macías (CI) → Cómpraselo.

Buy a swimming costume (DO) for Dr Macías (IO) Buy it for him.

No compres un bañador al doctor Macías → No se lo compres.

Don't buy a swimming costume for Dr Macías Don't buy it for him.

  • To keep the verb's stress pattern, sometimes we add an accent.

Prueba la sopa → Pruébala.

Try the soup Try it.

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