Imperfect subjunctive: traer (to bring)

Reminder: the imperfect subjunctive has two different constructions for every verb.

Te pedía que hablaras/hablases más lento.

He was asking you to speak more slowly (literally: “that you speak”).

The verb traer (to bring) and its derivatives (atraer/to attract, extraer/to extract, etc.) are irregular in the imperfect subjunctive and conjugated thus:

Traer en
Yo trajera/trajese
Tú trajeras/trajeses
Él/ella/usted trajera/trajese
Nosotros/as trajéramos/trajésemos
Vosotros/as trajerais/trajeseis
Ellos/ellas/ustedes trajeran/trajesen
Yo atrajera/atrajese
Tú atrajeras/atrajeses
Él/ella/usted atrajera/atrajese
Nosotros/as atrajéramos/atrajésemos
Vosotros/as atrajerais/atrajeseis
Ellos/ellas/ustedes atrajeran/atrajesen
Yo extrajera/extrajese
Tú extrajeras/extrajeses
Él/ella/usted extrajera/extrajese
Nosotros/as extrajéramos/extrajésemos
Vosotros/as extrajerais/extrajeseis
Ellos/ellas/ustedes extrajeran/extrajesen

No quería que trajeras/trajeses nada.

I didn't want you to bring anything.

Esperaban que la propuesta atrajera/atrajese más candidatos.

They were hoping that the offer would attract more candidates.

Other verbs derived from traer are sustraer (to subtract) sustraer, subj. pret. imperf., distraer (to distract) distraer, subj. pret. imperf., contraer (to contract) contraer, subj. pret. imperf. and abstraer (to abstract) abstraer, subj. pret. imperf..

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