Negation with ni in Spanish

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Negation with ni

In negatives, w use ni:

  • To say no emphatically: ni + verb/noun

Ni sueñes con venir a mi fiesta.

Don't even dream about coming to my party.

Ni loca te prestaré mi coche.

No way will I lend you my car (literally “Not even (if I was) crazy…”).

  • As the opposite of y (and), to list different items: no + verb + ni + noun/verb + ni  + noun/verb

En la tienda no había ni leche, ni pan, ni azúcar.

In the shop there was no milk, nor bread, nor sugar.

No sé ni leer ni escribir.

I can neither read nor write.

  • To form a negative hypothesis: ni que + verb in subjunctive

No me hables así. Ni que fuera tonto ser, subj. pret. imperf..

Don't talk to me like that. It's not like I'm stupid.

  • As a synonym of ni siquiera: no + verb + ni + verb/noun

No tengo ni 10 euros / No tengo ni siquiera 10 euros.

I don't even have 10 euros.

No puedo ni hablar / No puedo ni siquiera hablar.

I can't even speak.

  • As a synonym of ningún: no + verb + ni + un/una + singular noun.

No hay ni un vaso en casa / No hay ningún vaso en casa.

There is not one glass in the house.

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