Placement of reflexive pronouns

Reflexive pronouns Pronombres reflexivos are located:

  • In front of the verb: most of the time.

Magda se levanta contenta.

Magda is happy when she gets up (literally: “Magda gets herself up happy”).

¡No me acuerdo!

I don't remember! (literally: “I don't remember myself!”)

  • After the verb: in the infinitive and affirmative imperative forms.

Teo nunca pensó en casarse.

Teo never thought about getting married (literally: “getting himself married”).


Brush your hair! (literally: “Comb yourself!”).

  • Either before or after the verb:

In most sentences that contain a conjugated verb followed by an infinitive.

No quiero ducharme más / No me quiero duchar más.

I don't want to shower (literally “shower myself”) for any longer.

With conjugated verbs in the near future tense (conjugated form of ir + a + infinitive).

Ana va a quedarse en el hotel / Ana se va a quedar en el hotel.

Ana is going to stay (literally “stay herself”) in the hotel.

In the construction estar (to be) + gerund (which describes actions currently taking place):

Ellas están mirándose / Ellas se están mirando.

They are looking at themselves.

Note: the direct Pronombres CD and indirect object pronouns Pronombres CI are positioned in the same way.

Ana va a guardarlo / Ana lo va a guardar.

Ana is going to keep it.

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