Por qué, porque, porqué, or por que?

Por qué (why): used to ask questions and in exclamations

¿Por qué me llamas?

Why are you calling me?

No sé por qué viniste a la fiesta.

I don't know why you came to the party.

¡Por qué calles caminamos!

Oh, the streets we're walking in!

Porque (because): used to answer questions with por qué (why) and to indicate reason or cause.

—¿Por qué llegaste tarde? —Porque perdí el tren.

-Why were you late? -Because I missed the train.

No estaré en casa porque me voy de viaje.

I won't be home because I'm going on a trip.

Porqué/Porqués (the reason/reasons): usually used with an article in front of it, like el, un, los (the, a) and may be replaced with el motivo/los motivos  (the reason/reasons)

Explícame el porqué de tu decisión (= explícame el motivo de tu decisión).

Explain why you made this decision (or explain the reason for your decision).

Explícame los porqués de tu decisión (= explícame los motivos de tu decisión).

Explain why you made this decision (or explain the reasons for your decision).

Por que: a combination of por + que, most often seen with verbs/nouns/adjectives that are followed by por (for, about), like preguntar por, votar por, estar ansioso por, sentir preocupación por, etc. (to ask about, to vote for, to be anxious about, to be concerned about). These phrases are usually followed by a verb in the subjunctive.

Voto por que haya dos piscinas en el hotel.

I vote for (there to be) two pools in the hotel.

Ana optó por que Carolina siguiera cocinando.

Ana chose to have Carolina continue cooking.

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