Present continuous: estamos hablando (we are talking) 

The present continuous is used to express ongoing actions – things happening at this moment.

Ana está comiendo.

Ana is eating.

Nacho y Carolina están bailando.

Nacho and Carolina are dancing.

The present continuous is formed with the verb estar (to be) + gerundio (“-ing” form equivalent).

Estoy saliendo del despacho.

I am leaving the office.

Estamos tomando el sol.

We are sunbathing.

With pronominal verbs, the pronoun can go before the verb estar (to be) or after the gerundio (“-ing” form equivalent).

Nacho se está afeitando.

Nacho is shaving.

Nacho está afeitándose.

Nacho is shaving.

Note: To express ongoing actions in the past or future, we conjugate estar (to be) in other tenses.

He estado estar, pret. perf. hablando con Magda.

I have been talking with Magda.

Estaba estar, pret. imperf. hablando con Magda.

I was talking with Magda.

Estaré estar, futuro hablando con Magda.

I will be talking with Magda.

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