Present subjunctive: ser and ver

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Present subjunctive: ser and ver 

The verbs ser (to be) and ver (to see) are conjugated in the present subjunctive by replacing the infinitive -er ending with: -ea, -eas, -ea, -eamos, -eáis, -ean.

Yo sea
Él/ella/usted sea
Nosotros/as seamos
Vosotros/as seáis
Ellos/ellas/ustedes sean
Yo vea
Tú veas
Él/ella/usted vea
Nosotros/as veamos
Vosotros/as veáis
Ellos/ellas/ustedes vean

Note: verbs based on ver, such as prever (to foresee, to predict) and entrever (to make out, to glimpse), follow the same pattern.

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