Some irregular verbs in the present subjunctive: pensar (to think), querer (to want)

In some verbs, the e in the root changes to ie in some conjugations of the present subjunctive:

Pensar → Piense


Querer → Quiera


These are the conjugations:

Pensar en
Yo piense
Tú pienses
Él/ella/usted piense
Nosotros/as pensemos
Vosotros/as penséis
Ellos/ellas/ustedes piensen
Querer en
Yo quiera
Tú quieras
Él/ella/usted quiera
Nosotros/as queramos
Vosotros/as queráis
Ellos/ellas/ustedes quieran

No me importa lo que pienses.

I don't care what you think.

Ojalá quieras venir a la fiesta.

I hope you want to come to the party.

Other verbs that follow this pattern are perder (to lose), nevar (to snow), cerrar (to close) and despertar (to wake up).

Es imposible que pierda la apuesta perder, subj. presente.

It's impossible for me to lose the bet.

No me gusta que me despierten temprano despertar, subj. presente.

I don't like to be woken up early.

Note: these verbs are regular for the pronouns nosotros/as (we) and vosotros/as (informal, plural “you”).

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