Some irregular verbs in the present subjunctive tense

For verbs ending in -car, the c changes to qu when we conjugate them in the present subjunctive:

Buscar → Busque

to look for, to search

Explicar → Explique

to explain

Tocar → Toque

to touch

These are the conjugations:

Buscar en
Yo busque
Tú busques
Él/ella/usted busque
Nosotros/as busquemos
Vosotros/as busquéis
Ellos/ellas/ustedes busquen
Yo explique
Tú expliques
Él/ella/usted explique
Nosotros/as expliquemos
Vosotros/as expliquéis
Ellos/ellas/ustedes expliquen
Tocar en
Yo toque
Tú toques
Él/ella/usted toque
Nosotros/as toquemos
Vosotros/as toquéis
Ellos/ellas/ustedes toquen

Quizá busque otro piso, el mío ya no me gusta.

I may look for another apartment; I don't like mine anymore.

Necesito que me expliques lo que pasó. 

I need you to explain what happened. 

Other verbs that follow this rule: planificar (to plan), aplicar (to apply), comunicar (to communicate), indicar (to indicate), secar (to dry), dedicar (to dedicate) and colocar (to place).

¿Te gustaría que planifiquemos un viaje a Islandia? planificar, subj. presente

Would you like to plan a trip to Iceland?

Espero que la ropa seque rápido secar, subj. presente.

I hope the clothes dry quickly.

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