¿tan or tanto?

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¿Tan or tanto?

Tan goes before adjectives and adverbs:

¡Estás tan lejos!

You are so far away!

Tu casa es tan linda, quisiera tener una igual.

Your house is so lovely, I wish I had one like that.

Tanto/a y tantos/as goes before nouns:

No hay cuartos para tantos huéspedes.

There aren't enough rooms for so many guests.

¡Hace tanto calor!

It's so hot!

Tanto (invariable) comes after a verb:

Hablé tanto que me quedé sin voz.

I spoke so much that I lost my voice.

Nunca había comido tanto.

I had never eaten so much.

Note: tan and tanto also combine with como to express equivalence between two things:

Magda es tan alta como Rodrigo.

Magda is as tall as Rodrigo.

Trabajo tanto como tú.

I work as much as you.

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