The imperfect subjunctive: decir (to say, to tell), predecir (to predict) and maldecir (to curse)

Reminder: the imperfect subjunctive has two different constructions for each verb.

No pienso que dijera/dijese una mentira.

I don't think she told a lie.

The verbs decir (to say, to tell), predecir (to predict) and maldecir (to curse) are irregular in the imperfect subjunctive and conjugated like this:


Yo dijera / dijese
Tú dijeras / dijeses 
Él/ella/usted dijera / dijese 
Nosotros/as dijéramos / dijésemos 
Vosotros/as dijerais / dijeseis 
Ellos/ellas/ustedes dijeran / dijesen


Yo predijera / predijese
Tú predijeras / predijeses
Él/ella/usted predijera / predijese
Nosotros/as predijéramos / predijésemos
Vosotros/as predijerais / predijeseis
Ellos/ellas/ustedes predijeran / predijesen


Yo maldijera / maldijese
Tú maldijeras / maldijeses
Él/ella/usted maldijera / maldijese
Nosotros/as maldijéramos / maldijésemos
Vosotros/as maldijerais / maldijeseis
Ellos/ellas/ustedes maldijeran / maldijesen

Me gustaría que dijeras la verdad.

I would like it if you told the truth.

Es muy difícil que predijeras el número de lotería correcto.

It is very difficult for you to predict the correct lottery number.

No creo que la bruja nos maldijera.

I don't believe the witch cursed us.

The verbs derived from decir (to say/to tell) follow the same conjugation: contradecir (to contradict), bendecir (to bless), desdecir (to belie, to be unworthy of).

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