The past participle: ver (to see), escribir (to write), romper (to break)

Reminder: to form the past participle of regular verbs, we use the endings ‑ado and ‑ido.

Amar → Amado

To love → Loved

Vivir → Vivido

To live → Lived

Here are some verbs with irregular participles:

Ver → Visto

To see → Seen

Escribir → Escrito

To write → Written

Romper → Roto

To break → Broken

They are used in the same way as for verbs with regular past participles. 

¿Has visto la película?

Have you seen the movie?

El libro está escrito en francés.

The book is written in French.

Tengo las piernas rotas.

My legs are broken.

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