The position of direct and indirect object pronouns

Indirect object pronouns Pronombres CI and direct object pronouns Pronombres CD are placed:

  • For the most part, before the verb.

Los tengo en el bolso (los cigarrillos).

I have them in my bag (the cigarettes).

Le he dado unas llaves (a Betty).

I’ve given her some keys (to Betty).

  • After the verb: in the infinitive, infinitive perfect or affirmative imperative form.

Gracias por invitarnos (a nosotros).

Thanks for inviting us.

Ella no lamenta haberme levantado la voz (a mí).

She isn't sorry for having raised her voice at me.

Dale unas flores (a Carolina).

Give her some flowers (to Carolina).

  • Either before or after the verb:

In most sentences that contain a conjugated verb followed by an infinitive.

Te quiero llamar / Quiero llamarte.

I want to call you.

With conjugated verbs in the near future tense (conjugated form of ir + a + infinitive).

Las voy a dejar en la nevera / Voy a dejarlas en la nevera (las cervezas).

I am going to leave them in the fridge (the beers).

In the construction estar (to be) + a gerund (verb ending in ‑ndo), which expresses actions currently taking place:

Nacho le está dando unas llaves / Nacho está dándole unas llaves (a Magda).

Nacho is giving her some keys (to Magda).

No estuve viéndolo / No lo estuve viendo (a Nacho).

I wasn't looking at him (Nacho).

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