The present subjunctive: hacer, satisfacer and their derivatives

To conjugate the verbs hacer (to make, to do), satisfacer (to satisfy, to meet) and their derivatives in the present subjunctive, we replace the -cer ending of the infinitive with the endings -ga, -gas, -ga, -gamos, -gáis and -gan:

Hacer en
Yo haga
Tú hagas
Él/ella/usted haga
Nosotros/as hagamos
Vosotros/as hagáis
Ellos/ellas/ustedes hagan
Satisfacer en
Yo satisfaga
Tú satisfagas
Él/ella/usted satisfaga
Nosotros/as satisfagamos
Vosotros/as satisfagáis
Ellos/ellas/ustedes satisfagan

No creo que haga frío.

I don't think it will be cold.

Espero que el libro satisfaga tus expectativas.

I hope the book meets your expectations.

All derivative verbs of hacer (deshacer/to undo, rehacer/to redo, contrahacer/to counterfeit, etc.) follow the same conjugation in the present subjunctive.

No creo que el nudo se deshaga tan fácilmente.

I don't think the knot will come undone so easily.

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