The verb estar in the present tense

Estar (to be) is an irregular verb:

Estar en
Yo estoy
Tú estás
Él/ella/usted está
Nosotros/as estamos
Vosotros/as estáis
Ellos/ellas/ustedes están

We use it mainly to say where people, things, or places are located, and to describe physical states, positions, and moods.

El Hotel Borbollón está en el centro de Madrid.

The Hotel Borbollón is in downtown Madrid.

Magda está triste por la muerte de Beatriz.

Magda is sad over Beatriz’s death.

Ellos están sentados.

They are seated.

Note: Spanish uses 2 different verbs ser and estar which correspond to the English verb “to be”. The verb ser is generally used to identify oneself or others, to describe things, and indicate when something is happening.

Soy Carolina.

I am Carolina.

La ciudad es grande.

The city is big.

La reunión es mañana.

The meeting is tomorrow.

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