Verbs with the -zco ending in the present tense

Many verbs that end in -acer, -ecer, -ocer or -ucir have an irregular yo (I) conjugation in the present tense. They take the -zco ending:

Aparecer → Aparezco

To appear I appear

Nacer → Nazco

To be born → I am born

Reconocer → Reconozco

To recognize → I recognize

These are the full conjugations:

Conocer en
Yo conozco
Tú conoces
Él/ella/usted conoce
Nosotros/as conocemos
Vosotros/as conocéis
Ellos/ellas/ustedes conocen
Parecer en
Yo parezco
Tú pareces
Él/ella/usted parece
Nosotros/as parecemos
Vosotros/as parecéis
Ellos/ellas/ustedes parecen
Conducir en
Yo conduzco
Tú conduces
Él/ella/usted conduce
Nosotros/as conducimos
Vosotros/as conducís
Ellos/ellas/ustedes conducen

Some of the verbs that follow this pattern are: nacer (to be born), crecer (to grow), agradecer (to thank), establecer (to establish), merecer (to deserve), ofrecer (to offer), introducir (to introduce), and pertenecer (to belong).

Te agradezco por todo lo que haces.

I thank you for everything you do.

Pertenezco a una secta secreta.

I belong to a secret sect.

Te ofrezco disculpas.

I offer you my apologies.

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