Verbs that work like gustar (to like)

Reminder: with the verb gustar, we follow the structure: indirect object pronoun Pronombres CI + gusta/gustan + noun/infinitive.

Me gusta el café frío.

I like cold coffee.

Me gustan las bebidas sin azúcar.

I like sugar-free drinks.

Many verbs follow the same structure, among them: apetecer (to feel like, to fancy), interesar (to interest), importar (to matter), doler (to hurt), molestar (to annoy, to bother), caer bien/mal (to like/dislike), divertir (to amuse, to entertain), aburrir (to bore), fascinar (to fascinate), impresionar (to impress), asustar (to frighten, to scare).

Me duele la espalda.

My back hurts.

Nos interesan los partidos de fútbol.

We are interested in football/soccer matches.

After the indirect object pronoun, we use: 

  • verb in the 3rd person singular with a singular noun or infinitive.

Le aburre el debate.

The debate bores him.

Me apetece ver la televisión.

I feel like watching TV.

  • verb in the 3rd person plural with a plural noun.

Me aburren las películas de ciencia ficción.

Science fiction movies bore me.

Nos apetecen unos pinchos.

We fancy some bar snacks.


  • To add emphasis, we use a + prepositional pronoun Pronombres preposición /person's name before the indirect object pronoun.

A mí me interesan las matemáticas.

I am interested in mathematics.

A Luis le fascina el cine mexicano.

Luis is fascinated by Mexican cinema.

  • We can use this structure with verbs conjugated in other tenses.

No me importaría llegar más temprano importar, condicional

I wouldn't mind arriving earlier.

¿Te molestaron mis palabras? molestar, pret. indefinido

Did my words upset you?

  • To form a negative, we put no before the indirect object pronoun.

No le caen bien tus amigos.

He doesn't like your friends.

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