Using the verb gustar

In order to say "to like (something)" in Spanish, we use the verb gustar. The word order is unusual, however: pronoun (me, te, le, etc.) + gusta/gustan + noun/infinitive verb.

Me gusta la última película de Bardem.

I like Bardem's latest film (or more literally, "Bardem's latest film pleases me").

Me gustan las películas de acción.

I like action movies (or more literally, "action movies please me"). 

The pronoun which comes before the verb is an indirect object pronoun Pronombres CI.

Le gusta la música flamenca.

He/she likes flamenco music.

We use gusta if the thing we “like” is a singular noun or a verb in the infinitive. We use gustan if it is a plural noun.

Nos gusta el fútbol.

We like soccer.

Nos gusta ir al cine.

We like going to the movies.

Te gustan las patatas fritas.

You like French fries.

To say that we don't like something, we simply add no before the pronoun.

No me gusta la tortilla.

I don't like Spanish omelette.


  • When gustar is used in other tenses that require an auxiliary verb, the sentence structure is the same:

No me ha gustado la película.

I didn't enjoy the movie.

No me han gustado las fotos. 

I didn't like the photos.

  • We also use this same structure for the verb encantar, a stronger version of gustar (i.e. to really like or love something).

Me encanta el surf.

I love surfing.

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