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Freelance Content Researcher (Spanish)

December 2018

Gymglish is a Paris-based company founded in 2004. We offer innovative language learning solutions online using personalized content, an expert learning system and a team of creative content writers. Our aim is to keep learners engaged and motivated thanks to fun, short, content personalized to their needs. Our courses are used by over 3 million people worldwide, including over 6000 businesses and 100 partner schools and universities. The Gymglish team is made up of 25 people of 9 different nationalities. We speak 10 different languages (not including made up ones like Java, Swedish and C++).

We are looking for fun Spanish content to adapt for language training

Gymglish (online English and French language training) is looking for freelancers to help us find fun, unusual and captivating content in order to create a Spanish language course.

Our courses are designed to be completed in ten minutes. Each day, students receive an email lesson with a story (text, video, audio, cartoon). The stories take between 30 seconds and 1 minute 30 (max) and are followed by a series of questions to test the student’s comprehension. To get an idea of our approach, try the first few lessons of Gymglish (English) and Frantastique (French) for free.

The position

  • Find 10 video series, cartoons or animation references in Spanish. These should be original and enjoyable extracts which could be used in a language course for adults.
  • We want cultural references from a mix of Spanish-speaking countries: from Spain, but also from Latin America. The references must have a cultural dimension which reflects everyday life and customs, cultural differences with other countries, literature, music, cinema, etc.
  • Consider references which have humor as their main component.
  • Among these references, we’re looking for a mix of formats: cartoons, comics strips, graphic novels and video (tv shows, comedy sketches, animation).
  • The content should be easy to cut and edit into extracts that take between 30 seconds and 1 minute 30 to watch, listen or read. Our goal is to adapt original content into a source of language learning. NB: We prefer videos and animations between 30 seconds and 1 min 30 seconds, but if longer clips are good quality and easy to cut, that’s ok too!
  • The content must be understandable by advanced beginners (not the details, just the general idea), so please avoid anything too fast, too literary or with too much slang.
  • The references could be well-known or completely unheard of, offbeat, cultural, musical or not, funny or not - as long as there is nothing too academic or vulgar.
  • Examples of references we like in French and English cultural worlds:



If this project goes well, we’ll have other freelance projects available for you.

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