Irregular past participles: pianto, spento and dipinto

The verbs piangere (to cry), spegnere (to turn off) and dipingere (to paint) and their derivatives have irregular past participles that nevertheless resemble one another and all end in -nto.

  • Piangere (to cry): pianto (cried)
  • Spegnere (to turn off): spento (turned off)
  • Dipingere (to paint): dipinto (painted)

These irregular participles follow the same rules as regular past participles.

Maria ha spento la luce.

Maria turned off the light.

Ho pianto al vostro matrimonio.

I cried at your wedding.


  • Derivatives of these words, such as rimpiangere, to regret (rimpianto, regretted), spingere, to push (spinto, pushed) and tingere, to dye (tinto, dyed), also behave in the same way.
  • with the auxiliary verb essere, and in some specific cases, the past participle needs to agree with a feminine or plural subject.

I quadri sono stati dipinti da Caravaggio.

The paintings were painted by Caravaggio.

Le hai spente tutte, le luci?

Did you turn them all off – the lights?

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