Irregular past participles: vivere (to live)

The verb vivere (to live) and its derivatives have irregular past participles:

  • Vivere (to live): vissuto (lived)

These irregular participles follow the same rules as regular past participles.

Ha vissuto / È vissuto/a durante il secolo scorso.

He/she lived in the last century.

We can form the compound tenses of vivere using either essere as the auxiliary verb or avere, but we have to use avere when an object comes afterwards. In such cases, the meaning of vivere is more like “to experience” or “to live through”.

Il Tintoretto è vissuto nel XVI secolo.

Tintoretto lived in the 16th century.

Hanno vissuto dei momenti memorabili.

They experienced some memorable moments.

Derivatives of the verb vivere whose past participle follows the same pattern include sopravvivere (to survive) → sopravvissuto (survived), convivere (to live together, to coexist) → convissuto (lived together, coexisted) and rivivere (to relive) → rivissuto (relived).

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