Structures showing two things happening at the same time

Reminder: we normally use the gerundio ("-ing" form equivalent) to talk about two actions that take place at the same time.

Carolina cucina ascoltando la musica.

Carlolina cooks while listening to music.

Here are some other ways of talking about actions that take place at the same time:

  • Quando (when) + conjugated verb:

Quando vado al mare, faccio il bagno (andare, presente).

When I go to the sea, I get in the water (andare: to go, present tense).

Quando andavo a scuola, stavo sempre attento (andare, imperfetto).

When I went to school, I always paid attention (andare: to go, imperfect tense).

Quando andai a Roma, visitai la Cappella Sistina (andare, passato remoto).

When I went to Rome, I visited the Sistine Chapel (andare: to go, past historic).

  • Mentre (while) + conjugated verb:

Mentre faccio la doccia, canto una canzone.

While I take a shower, I sing a song.

  • Durante (during) + noun:

Durante la festa, balliamo.

During the party, we dance.

  • Al (a + il), col (con + il), nel (in + il) or sul (su + il) + infinitive verb (all meaning “while” in this context):

Nell'uscire di casa, ho trovato 100€.

While leaving the house, I found €100.

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