The plural forms of nouns ending in -cia, -gia, -cio or -gio

The plurals of feminine nouns ending in -cia or -gia can take either of two forms:

  • We keep the i in the plural when there is a vowel before the c or the g.

la camicia → le camicie

the shirt → the shirts

la valigia → le valigie

the suitcase → the suitcases

  • We don't keep the i in the plural when there is a consonant before the c or the g.

la pioggia → le piogge

the rain → the rains

l'arancia → le arance

the orange → the oranges

Masculine nouns ending in -cio, -gio, -ccio or -ggio generally end in -i in the plural (removing the final -o).

il pregio → i pregi

the quality → the qualities

il riccio → i ricci

the hedgehog → the hedgehogs

il saggio → i saggi

the essay → the essays

Note: when the accent falls on the i, the latter is kept in the plural, even if it follows a consonant, in the case of feminine nouns. With masculine nouns, the i is doubled in the plural.

la sinergia → le sinergie

the synergy → the synergies

l'energia → le energie

the energy → the energies

il leggio → i leggii

the lectern → the lecterns

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