The present continuous: stiamo mangiando (we are eating) 

Reminder: the gerundio (“-ing” form equivalent) of regular verbs is formed from the root of the verb (the infinitive minus -are, -ere or -ire) + ando/endo. It is always invariable, meaning it doesn't change to agree with gender or number.  

Studiando si impara.

You learn by studying.

Loro stanno uscendo dall'ufficio.

They are leaving the office.

The present progressive is used to describe actions that are currently taking place, so literally happening as we speak.

Anna sta mangiando. mangiare, presente progressivo

 Anna is eating.

Ciro e Carlotta stanno ballando. ballare, presente progressivo

 Ciro and Carlotta are dancing.

The present progressive is formed with the present tense of the verb stare (to be, to stay, to remain) + the gerundio of another verb.

Magda sta uscendo dal ripostiglio. uscire, presente progressivo

 Magda is coming out of the broom closet.

Stiamo prendendo il sole. prendere, presente progressivo

 We are sunbathing.

Note: the past progressive and future progressive are formed the same way: we use stare (to be, to stay, to remain) in the imperfect or in the future tense + the gerundio of the other verb.

Il bambino stava piangendo.

The boy was crying.

Ciro starà raccontando sempre la solita scusa.

Ciro will always be giving his usual excuse.

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