Tutto, tutta, tutti and tutte

When tutto (all) is accompanied by a noun, which must always then take a definite article, it has to agree with said noun in both number and gender.


Tutte le piante e tutti gli alberi sono importanti.

All plants and all trees are important.

When tutto is used as a pronoun:

Tutti/e (all) is always in the plural when referring to a group of people.

Sono venuti tutti alla festa.

They all came to the party.

We say tutto/tutta to mean “everything” or “all” of something uncountable, and tutti/tutte (all) when referring to all of a group of countable things.

– Cos'hai comprato? – Ho comprato tutto.

-What did you buy? -I bought everything.

– Hai portato su le valigie? – Sì, le ho portate su tutte.

-Did you bring the suitcases up? -Yes, I brought them all up.

When tutto is used in the sense of completamente (completely, totally), it's always used in the singular.

La torta è tutta di cioccolato.

The cake is all chocolate.

Il muro è tutto bianco.

The wall is completely white.

When tutto (everything, the lot) is used as a noun, we use it in the singular, preceded by the definite article il.

Quanto hai pagato il tutto?

How much did you pay for everything?

Note: when tutti/e (all) is used as a pronoun, it can be placed before or, more commonly, after the verb.

Tutte sono state contente/sono state tutte contente.

All of them were happy/they were all happy.

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