Here is Maria del Carmen K's success story.

Almost fifty years ago, I married a Frenchman, not by birth but by family. His grandfather came to Central America during the construction of the railroad. He instilled in my husband a great love for anything French, which he transmitted to all of us. Our oldest daughter majored in French, got her Masters in Paris and has taught the language for twenty years. One of my grandaughters is currently studying design in Paris. We have been fortunate to have travelled to France a number of times and one really feels at home with all its history, architecture, food, and the culture in general. I took some French in school but feel that I have forgotten much of, it although I seem to manage to communicate fairly well in simple terms. My husband died five years ago, and by taking the Frantastique lessons I not only feel closer to him but that this is my way of honoring his long commitment to his family heritage. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

— Maria del Carmen K. (Guatemala, GUATEMALA)